Elude the Feature Film

The Project

I did some work on an independent film called Elude. I designed the main title sequence and production logos, drew storyboard sequences, and created animatics while working closely with the director and producers.

The Film

Elude is an independent film in the making. You can watch the first 15 minutes here, and behind-the-scenes footage here.

The Creative Approach

I presented multiple creative options for the titles sequence. Some concepts were, shattering glass titles or complex scientific charts. In the end we went with a simpler option that fit best with the tone of the film.

Storyboards & Animatics

On top of designing the main titles, I drew several storyboard sequences. One of which was this chase scene including a semi-truck. The director had this to say about my storyboards: “It is uncanny how you could see exactly my vision, the same scale or distance, and sketch them precisely how I envisioned them.”

Production Company Logo

MDM Films is the production company behind the film. My final responsibility was to design their production logo to be played before their films. The 3D animation I delivered is meant to give MDM a regal, vintage and somewhat dark tone.