Meddling Maude

The Campaign

Once a week, Emeritus Senior Living released a two-minute video that gave advice on healthy living for seniors and their caretakers. I designed and animated all 36 videos which, you can view here.

The Character

We’ve all had a loved one that meddled in our affairs. Maude is just such a meddler, and she’s got loads of helpful advice.


Videos Launched
Unique Designs
Minutes of Content
Seniors Helped

Design & Animation

I created over 400 unique designs and 1,000 storyboards for this campaign. With scripts covering subjects like stroke, heart attack, and dealing with loss, all designs and animations attempt to convey the lighter side of senior living.

My Role

Concepts & Storyboards

Dozens of hours were spent at the drawing table, developing the look for Maude and drawing storyboards for each video.

Art & Design

Each design was created with animation in mind. The workflow between my design and animation software packages helped me bust out one video a week from start to finish.

Animation & Editing

I experimented with multiple types of animation in each video. From motion graphics, to classical animation (frame-by-frame), to modern 3D animation and modeling, I aimed to always keep the tone bold and fun.

Sound Design & Mixing

Sometimes sound and music are afterthoughts of animation projects, but it can really make or break the tone of a video. Creating two-minute sound mixes for 36 videos was no easy task, but it was the icing on the cake of each one.

Project Stills