From movie titles to TV ads. From Google to Cartoon Network. From 2016 to 2017. This is a collection of my professional work. If you find something you like, want something similar for your brand, or just want to bounce ideas around… please give me a call!

FFL – Plot Your Career

Z Nation – No Mercy Movie Titles

Twitch – Research Power Group

Extremist Movie Debate – YouTube Intro

Family First Life – Agent Video

Uxiliary – Website Videos

Luggary – Baggage Rental

QPR – Suicide Prevention Campaign

Event Collab – Tame the Chaos

Google Drive for Work – Office

Virginia Mason – Concierge Medicine

Iron Horse Brewery – Fingerguns IPA Commercial

Cadreon – Programmatic 101

Cartoon Network – Game Promo

Rolling Hills Casino – Golf

Z Nation Titles

INB – Commercial Spot

Family First Life – Truth Topics

Chinese Lantern Festival – 2016 TV Spot

Modio – Demo Reel

Family First Life – Company Overview

Allworx – Verge Phone


SHPD – Tooth Topics

Terrain – Kickstarter Campaign

Maude’s Two-Minute Meddlings

Flee The Century – Show Promo

Elude – Main Titles

Mitch Davis Showreel

Ace Comics Expo Logo

The River Song – Teaser