The River Song

The Film

As part of Old Bear Mountain’s first album release, I wrote, directed, and produced this music video. The song’s melody is a celebration of folk music and small-town living. The lyrics tell a tale of a man on the run, determined to return home. My crew and I tried to encapsulate the essence of the song as we filmed across 300 miles of the Pacific Northwest.

The Band

Old Bear Mountain is a bluegrass band based out of Spokane Washington. Feel free to sample their music below.

Project Stills

Roaming the Northwest

During the four days it took to shoot, we traveled throughout much of Washington and Idaho to find all the spots that best represented Old Bear Mountain and their contemporary brand of folk music.

Through the Woods

The film involved a lot of running through rough terrain: rocks, hills, and heavy woods. Our Steadicam operator even machined his own rig to best accomplish the task. With our actors doing all their own stunts, it was a very adventurous shoot.


All stages of pre-production, production, and post-production were handled by a team of no more than six people, including cast. Collecting antique props and wardrobe, shooting timelapse footage, scouting locations, implementing visual effects: We had our hands full on this one.