Z Nation Opening Titles

The Project

Syfy asked me to create the main titles for their series Z Nation: a television series based in post-apocalyptic America. Clips and Full episodes are available here.

The Clients

A huge team brought Z Nation to the screen, including the SyFy network, The Asylum, North by Northwest Entertainment and hundreds of Washingtonian zombies.

Main Title Sequence

Working closely with the showrunner, producers, and other members of the Z Nation team, I designed an opening title that would unite the show’s two main themes: Traveling across the U.S. and Zombie Gore.

Show Production Logo

While creating the main titles, I designed a logo for the show itself. While collaborating with The Asylum (the studio behind Sharknado), we came up with a design that would later be used in promotions and events, including the red-carpet premiere.

Opening Credits

To keep everything consistent, I also designed templates for the opening credits, which house the name and title of everyone that worked on the series.